“Singing Scientist” Podcast Is Now Live!

After much preparation, I am overjoyed to announce my new podcast, Singing Scientist. You can SUBSCRIBE HERE, search “Singing Scientist” on most podcast platforms (including iTunes), or else add the following URL feed to your podcast player of choice:


This podcast is meant to bring together disparate identities — such as ‘singer’ and ‘scientist’, or ‘gay’ and ‘Christian’ — which are often not seen as going together. In particular, the podcast will explore spirituality, science, and music, sometimes individually and sometimes in combination, with occasional ventures into technical topics such as evolution or vocal technique. In so doing, the podcast rejects the ubiquitous notion that we must, as individuals or as podcasters, limit ourselves to a particular niche or topic. My experience growing up gay and Christian will form a backdrop for virtually all episodes, and I hope to represent a prevalent but oft-unheard group of people who neither reject spirituality nor accept their religious traditions uncritically.

I am extremely grateful to Michael Young for the excellent cover photography, and to Ming-Hsueh (Mitch) Lin (林明學) for yet-to-be-composed intro music. I must also thank the incomparable Michelle Calkins, writer and friend, who gifted me my first bluetooth in-ear and introduced me to the world of podcasting — along with virtually every other good thing I miss.

Thus far, three episodes have been released:

  1. What Is A Singing Scientist? This podcast will discuss singing, science, and spirituality, with a focus on growing up gay and Christian, and occasional ventures into technical topics.
  2. The Neutral Theory: An Introduction (Technical). An introduction to natural selection, its limits, and the neutral theory of molecular evolution.
  3. Waiting by Hachiko: An Interview with Martin Leroux. An interview with Tokyo-based singer-songwriter Martin Leroux, featuring songs and conversation running the gamut of religion, songwriting, depression, and being a gay introvert in Japan.

I so look forward to your camaraderie and feedback as we begin on this journey together!

Photo by Michael Young Photography.